My Trip to Shenzhen

As a multilingual tour guide based in Shenzhen, I enjoy my work and like to meet people from different walks of life.I am a friendly and experienced private tour guide with over 10 years experience. Come with me and explore the best Shenzhen has to offer. From famous theme Parks such as Window of the World and Splendid China to Da Fen Oil Painting Village, Museum of Contemporary Art, Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, local shopping street Laojie and Luohu Commercial City, I will ensure you get the most out of your time in Shenzhen. The tour starts in Shenzhen with a visit to Lichi Park. This lovely park is a popular place for the locals to gather for morning exercise. The tour will then makes its way to the Meridian View Centre, the observatory deck of Shun Hing Square, one of the highest buildings in Shenzhen. Get some great views of the city and bordering Hong Kong while enjoying some light refreshments.

Besides the classical Guangzhou, it’s worth to experience its new & modern side, which will be presented to you in today’s itinerary – a wonderful sightseeing coach tour to Ersha Island and nearby Xinghai Concert Hall – a piece of beautiful art work, followed by a photo stop at the grand Zhujiang New City & Citic Square. The last stop before lunch is Bamboo Carbon Store. After a blast shopping at Bai Ma Clothes Market, we will go back to Shenzhen. The rest of the day is left for Luo Hu Market – the most popular market in Shenzhen.
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While it is true that twenty years ago Shenzhen could be a very tough place, the city today would be unrecognisable to the thugs of the ’90s. Shenzhen, the Chinese metropolis just over the border from Hong Kong, so close in fact that their two subway systems link up, is regarded with unfounded trepidation by many Hongkongers. These fears increasingly have little to do with the fast changing reality on the ground.

In the quieter suburb of Shekou, you’ll find Sea World – a popular plaza – not an aquarium as the name suggests. There are a lot of western and European style restaurants, cafes and clubs. It’s also popular for its imported German and Irish beers, and you’ll maybe feel at home in bars like McCawleys, The Tavern and the more upmarket Terrace – all catering for both the Chinese and the large expat community living in this area.